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The VBOX Bluetooth module (RLVBBT01) is a general purpose Bluetooth adapter, designed as an alternative to using a hard-wired serial connection between the VBOX and either a Q5 tablet (recommended) or a Laptop PC equipped with a Bluetooth interface.

The Bluetooth module has a range of up to 30m, allowing the user to place the VBOX in a safe, dry and convenient location and facilitating the free use of the Q5 display, either by hand or mounted, without any cabling restrictions.

The RLVBBT01 offers high speed serial communications at 115K baud rate, ensuring full data capture and transfer. It has minimal power consumption, resulting in insignificant drain on the VBOX power source – particularly useful when using a VBOX battery pack, in addition to 13 standard GPS channels.

  • Bluetooth v1.2
  • Wireless data communications
  • Fast baud data throughput
  • External antenna
  • Up to 30m range
  • Low current consumption
  • Compact construction
  • Lightweight
  • IP30 rated
  • 3 x LED's for operational status indication

These specifications refer to the VBOX Bluetooth module (RLVBBT01).

  • Input Voltage: 8-30VDC
  • Current Consumption: 35mA typical; 90mA peak
  • VBOX Connection: 2 x 5-way LEMO
  • Range: 30m Line of sight
  • RS232 Baud rate: 115k
  • External antenna: 2.4GHz 50Ω (supplied) via SMA connector
  • Environmental and Physical

  • RF Frequency: 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
  • Temperature (Operating): -20°C to +60°C
  • Temperature (Storage): -40°C to +85°C
  • Enclosure: Milled Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 33mm (height) x 60mm (width) x 112mm (depth), incl. SMA antenna connector
  • Weight: 240g
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP30