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Performance Mode
  • Acceleration:: 0-60, 0-100.
  • Displays: time, g-force
  • Distance: 60’, ¼ mile, ½ mile, 1 mile.
  • Displays: time, trap speed
  • Live G-Meter: acceleration, deceleration, cornering g-forces, with max-G
Drift Mode
  • Real-time view of drift parameters and calculation of key drift data.
  • Speed:: Current, Peak and Average
  • Drift Angle: Current, Peak and Average.
  • G-force: Peak and Average
  • Score: Current and Total.
Lap TIming Mode
  • Lap Time::
  • Displays: current lap, last lap, best lap
  • Split Times: 60’, ¼ mile, ½ mile, 1 mile.
  • Displays: split time or speed at a split point
  • Virtual Start/Finish/Split Lines: Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter. Split lines can be easily saved and transferred.
Power Mode
  • Wheel HP Calculation:: Enter your vehicle’s weight and run an acceleration to estimate wheel horsepower.
  • Flywheel HP Calculation: erform a coast-down test to measure drag, and the PerformanceBox will calculate HP at the flywheel.
Speed Mode
  • Speed:: PerformanceBox also works as a highly accurate digital speedometer with compass, a handy feature for street driving.
  • Accurate GPS speed can be used to calibrate a vehicle's speed readout.
Predictive Mode
  • Predictive mode: enables you to graphically view your predicted lap time.
  • Predictive lap timing works by saving your position around a circuit, every second. If the current lap is the fastest so far, then this positional data is saved as a reference.
Input Mode
  • This screen provides the ability to configure the input channels of a connected Micro Input Module and view the data on each of the input module channels.
  • A Micro Input Module allows 4 analogue and 1 digital (RPM) inputs.