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The DriftBox is the first vehicle performance meter with the ability to measure drift angle.

A 10Hz GPS engine, coupled with sophisticated motion sensors allow you to record vehicle performance characteristics such as drift angle, g-force, speed, distance, lap & split times and acceleration.

The new Predictive Lap Timing function gives you instant driver feedback and helps you to find valuable improvements in your times. All parameters are logged to an SD memory card ten times per second for later review and comparison. DriftBox is small, easy to install and available in two different packages.




  • - Performance Box Unit only
  • - Non-Locking 2.1mm Plug - Cigar Plug - 2m cable (VBOX Mini/PerformanceBox/DriftBox Power)
  • - DriftBox clamp & cradle
  • - 2 x DriftBox locking knob
  • - 3 x Suction Cup for Windscreen Mounting Bracket
  • - 4Gb SD Card
  • - USB A - USB B - 2m cable
  • - Universal Mains Power Supply for use with VBOX Mini/PerformanceBox/DriftBox


  • - As for DB01 PLUS:-
  • - Plastic Carry Case for VBOX Mini/PerformanceBox/DriftBox