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OLED Display - DSP04

The OLED Display is the perfect partner to VBOX logging systems. Suitable even in bright conditions, the display provides sharp graphics and is simple to use. It can show a wide range of parameters, including live and max speed, lap times, and predictive lap timing.

The OLED display can start and stop logging in conjunction with some VBOX models, and also report logging status. The DSP05 is housed in a billet machined and anodised alloy housing and is waterproof. Different connection cables are available (Fischer, Lemo, Mini Din, Hirose) depending on the unit it is to be used with.


  • Easy operation
  • Inverse screen colours
  • Different font options
  • Internal accelerometer flips display according to the way it is mounted
  • Can show logging and capacity status of connected VBOX
  • Recognises data from standard VBOX CAN and serial data output
  • Low power consumption: 1.2W
  • Waterprrof (IP66)
  • Conventional rolling lap times
  • Predictive lap timing
  • Split times
  • Speed
  • Video VBOX scene selection

Display Modes

OLED Display modes 1

The OLED Display can invert screen colours or display the font as a high contrast outline to match lighting conditions.

OLED Display modes 2


  • VBOX 3i, Video VBOX, VBOX IISX (Single, Dual and Triple Antenna), VBOX III, VBOX Micro, Performance Box Sport
  • Depends on lead option
  • VBOX Video HD2, Video VBOX Lite, Video VBOX PRO, Video VBOX waterproof.
  • Depends on lead option