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Frequently asked Questions:

Can I use the system to bridge gaps in satellite coverage outside?

Yes, the VBOX Indoor Positioning System can also be used outside as an alternative to GNSS, in areas with limited or no satellite signal. Note that you would require a minimum of 6 beacons to cover any area, and the beacons require a power connection. What makes VIPS superior to GPS, is that it can acquire lock and achieve full accuracy in less than 0.2 s, so there is virtually no delay waiting for the system to lock onto the beacons.

It is also compatible with steering robots, offering highly accurate path following and repeatability. We used the self-survey method to set up the system for this video, which took 2 people just 30 minutes to install, with no accurate measuring tools necessary.

Can I continue to test as I drive inside and outside?

Yes, the VBOX will switch between using GPS outdoors and VIPS indoors without any interruption in measurement.

Can it use GPS when available?

Yes, the system can incorporate a GPS RTK engine and will seamlessly swap to the most accurate system available at the time.


How many cars can use the system?

At the moment, up to two vehicles can be used at the same time. We will shortly be expanding this capability to 5 vehicles using the same hardware.

How accurate are the measurements?

If the beacons surveyed using a Total Station, the positional accuracy is < 2 cm. If the self-survey mode is used (seeding the system with rough positions to within 5 m), the positional accuracy is 5-10 cm. The speed is accurate to within ±0.1 km/h, the pitch/roll ±0.1° and yaw ±0.5°.

Can I use my own VBOX and software?

Yes, if you own a VBOX 3i which is less than 3 years old.

How long does it take to setup?

Once familiar with the system, a simple 6 beacon system using tripods can be setup by two people in less than 90 minutes.


What size area can the system cover?

The maximum distance between beacons is 25-50 m, and up to 250 beacons can be used on one site.

How many beacons would I need?

You will require a beacon placed roughly every 50 m in your test site. The vehicle needs to see a minimum of 4 beacons at all times, but 6 or more beacons gives the best accuracy.

Can the system be installed permanently?

Yes, we can advise you on how to fit a system to your own building/test track/tunnel.


Is the position and speed calculated on the vehicle?

Yes, the receiver includes a powerful processor which provides real-time information to the VBOX.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the number of beacons you required to sufficiently cover your indoor test location. Please describe your test requirements and facility as detailed as possible when asking for a quote and we will come back to you with a specific solution.