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LCD Multifunction Display - DSP03

The VBOX Multifunction Display (RLVBDSP03) is designed to show a large number of different variables and performance results on a clear backlit LCD display.

The display is supplied with a heavy duty rubber suction cup which screws into the back of the display via a standard camera tripod style fixing.

The VBOX Multifunction Display is ideal when you need to monitor one or more parameters live in the vehicle. The MFD allows simultaneous display of up to four VBOX data parameters.

In addition, the display has a target screen which shows a bar graph of any parameter, alongside a configurable target. This is very useful for maintaining a steady brake pedal pressure or deceleration rate during a brake stop.

The Multifunction Display can be setup from the display itself, or via the Windows VBOX Tools software.


  • LCD display with contrast control and adjustable backlight
  • Two or four VBOX data parameters displayed simultaneously
  • User selectable display parameters
  • ¼ - 20 Thread mounting
  • Supplied with heavy duty suction mount




Used for connection to the VBOX CAN bus and to supply power to the display (top left or right).


Serial connection allows firmware upgrade via a PC and connection to a thermal printer for instant paper record of test results. It is also a digital output, which will either send a pulse or toggle its state when a split line is crossed. (bottom left or right).

Display Modes

The VBOX Multifunction Display has five main screen modes within the display memory. There are a further eight configurable test screens, where the test profile of each screen can be configured and named to allow quick and easy access to the results of typical performance tests like 0-60Mph, 1/4mile etc. The different mode screens are as shown below:

Display sceen modes

The first two pages contain a total of 8 user selectable parameters, whilst the third page indicates GPS position as latitude and longitude. A target screen forms the fourth page, indicating how far the vehicle is from a user-defined parameter. When viewing data on main screen 1 or 2, the user can configure the display to show either four or two parameters simultaneously.

Display screen modes 2

If four parameters are displayed at once, a two digit code is shown next to each section of channel data. A list of all the parameter codes used by the Multifunction Display can be found in the menu.

Display Parameters

The Multifunction Display can show four different groups of parameters:

General parameters are taken from a standard Racelogic CAN output from the VBOX.

Brake parameters are commonly used in brake testing, the majority of which require the use of a brake trigger switch with the VBOX.

Accel parameters are used in acceleration tests.

CAN parameters are from external modules connected to a CAN bus, such as analogue, thermocouple or vehicle CAN data.

General Parameters

  • UTC Time (H:M:S)
  • Satellite Count (Sats)
  • Velocity (Km/h or Mph)
  • Heading (Degrees)
  • Altitude (Metres or Feet)
  • Vertical Velocity (Km/h or Mph)
  • Lateral Acceleration (G)
  • Max. Lateral Acceleration (G)
  • Longitudinal Acceleration (G)
  • Average Velocity (Km/h or Mph)
  • Distance Travelled (Metres or Feet)
  • Vertical Velocity 2 (M/sec or Ft/sec)
  • Current Filename (VBOXIII & VB3i)

Brake Parameters

  • File Status (VBOXIII & VB3i)
  • IMU-INS Status (see manual)
  • Memory Used (VBOXIII & VB3i)
  • Velocity Quality (VBOXIII & VB3i)
  • Speed at trigger* (Km/h or Mph)
  • Distance from trigger* (Metres or Feet)
  • Time from trigger* (Seconds)
  • Peak deceleration* (G)
  • Average deceleration* (G)
  • Average deceleration 2* (G)
  • MFDD* (%MFDD)
  • Corrected distance* (Metres or Feet)
  • Deceleration time (Seconds)
  • Deceleration distance (Metres or Feet)

Acceleration Parameters

  • Maximum speed (Km/h or Mph)
  • Acceleration time (Seconds)
  • Acceleration distance (Metres or Feet)
  • Velocity at target distance (Km/h or Mph)

CAN Parameters

  • Time to target distance (Seconds)
  • The first 32 CAN channels currently being logged by the VBOX are selectable. To allow the Multifunction Display to read the available CAN channels it must be connected to a VBOX and VBOX Setup entered.

Lap Timing Parameters

  • Last lap time (Seconds)
  • Best lap time (Seconds)
  • Current time (Seconds)
  • Last 20 lap times (Seconds)
  • 6 Split times (Seconds)
  • Velocity at end of lap (kmh or mph)
  • Velocity at splits 1-6 (kmh or mph)