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The Speed Sensor Dual Antenna (VBSS100SL) is a 100Hz GPS/GLONASS system, which combines high level accuracy and test repeatability with the ability to measure slip and pitch/roll angles at 100Hz.

The VBSS100SL can be used for non-contact sensing of velocity providing signal output data on CAN, analogue and digital, allowing easy integration with data loggers and testing applications.

The analogue output can be assigned to vehicle speed, lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration, or lap beacon marker with user selectable scaling. The digital output can be configured as either a digital speed pulse output or a lap beacon marker.

With only 13cm in length, the 100Hz speed sensor is easy to mount and transport, making it ideal for automotive testing, motorsport, marine, and telematics.

The VBSS100SL comes with VBOX Manager, a display which enables the user to setup the dual antenna separation, change the dynamic modes, level and align the antennas.

vbox manager