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The 2.4GHz range can be used in most countries. Depending on the power output, the radios have a max. range of 2400m or 4000m and can be used with a Base Station to provide DGPS corrections to a VBOX.

2.4G Hz radios can be used to provide the link between two or more VBOX units at a range of 600m, which is used for ADAS testing where measurement of vehicle separation is required.

It can also be used to transmit VBOX serial data from a remote unit to a laptop PC at a maximum rate of 20Hz.

All 2.4GHz radios are available with a transmission power of 50mW or 125mW. Please establish which output power is permitted in your county.

Transmission Range

  • Difficult Environment (e. g. buildings, reinforced concrete):
    125mW (e.g. USA, Canada, Russia, China): 200m (600 feet) 50mW (Japan): 120m (400 feet)
  • Open environment with antennas ground level (e.g. vehicle roofs):
    125mW (e.g. USA, Canada, Russia, China): 500m (1300 feet) 50mW (Japan): 400m (800 feet) 10mW (EU): 400m (800 feet)
  • In view with Base Station antenna at height (e.g. building roof):
    125mW (e.g. USA, Canada, Russia, China): 4000m (13,000 feet) 50mW (Japan): 2400m (8000 feet) 10mW (EU): 2400m (8000 feet)

Note: Obstacles such as walls and trees can strongly reduce the range.


  • Input Voltage: 6 – 30V DC
  • Input Current - Receiving: <200mA
  • Input Current - Transmitting: <200mA
  • Radio Transmission Power: 10mW, 50mW or 125mW
  • Base Station Duty Cycle: <10%
  • Carrier Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Radio Data Rate: 500kbit/s
  • RS232 Data Rate: 115,200bit/s (configurable)


  • Module Dimensions: 95mm x 60mm x 33mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

VBOX to PC Telemetry Radios

A VBOX telemetry pair of radios (RLRTM24VBT) allows a VBOX to communicate with a laptop running VBOX Tools. Communication can be bi-directional so the laptop will be able to change the VBOX setup as well as receive live data.

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ADAS Telemetry Radios

ADAS Single Target

RLRTM24TR radios can be used to transmit data from a target vehicle to a subject vehicle and vice versa, so both vehicles can calculate separation data live.

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Multiple Target

RLRTM24MTS/C Multiple Target radios enable the simultaneous calculation of parameters from two target vehicles. The data flows only in one direction but allows two target vehicles to transmit their data to one subject vehicle, which then can calculate separation data live.

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DGNSS Telemetry Radios

Moving Base

RLRTM24MBC/S radios are used to transmit and receive corrections from VBOX 3i RTK units within a Moving Base setup.

A Moving Base radio is programmed as server when transmitting (Vehicle equipped with the Moving Base VBOX) or client when receiving RTK correction messages. There is no limit to the number of receivers (RLRTM24MBC) that can get corrections from a transmitter (RLRTM24MBS).

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DGNSS Base Station RTK

RLRTM24BS/RV radio modules are for use with a static DGNSS Base Station. These transmit a much longer correction message at a much lower rate than the Moving Base system.

There is no limit to the number of receiving radios that can get corrections from a transmitting radio. Please note that we have various Base Station radio options available (RLRTMVAR, RLRTM869) which might be more suitable for use in your country.

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