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Variable frequency radios can be set to transmit and receive data between 403 and 470MHz. The variable frequency and power of these radios makes them accepted in many countries. Please check local RF licensing regulations.

With a typical max. range of 10km (at 500mW), the radios can be used with a Base Station to provide DGPS corrections to a VBOX.

Transmission Range

  • Difficult environment (e.g. buildings, reinforced concrete): 1-2km (max. 6,561 ft)
  • Open environment with antennas at ground level (e.g. vehicle roofs): 3-5km (max. 16,404 ft)
  • In view with Base Station antennas at height (e.g. building roof): 6-10km (max. 32,808 ft))

Note: Obstacles such as walls and trees can strongly reduce the range.


  • Operating Voltage: +3 to +9V DC (Options 1) | +6 to +30V DC (Options 2)
  • Radio Transmission Power: 100, 200, 500, 1000mW
  • Base Station Duty Cycle: <10%
  • Carrier Frequency: 403 – 473 MHz
  • Radio Data Rate: 19200 bps (25kHz channel)
  • RS232 Data Rate: 300 – 38,400 bps (configurable)