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  • 2x GPS Antennas

  • By utilising two GPS engines configured in a 'fixed baseline RTK setup', true heading, yaw rate, lateral and longitudinal velocity, slip angle and pitch angle can be measured, (slip is measured at the point at which you place the main reference antenna. This can be translated to any point on the vehicle in post processing). How does it work?

  • CAN Bus

  • Data can be logged from external modules e.g. the Thermocouple Interface or the Frequency & Pulse Counter Input Module. Up to 16 CAN signals can also be logged from a different CAN source (e.g. Vehicle CAN Bus). When logging data from another source, VBOX Tools can load signal data from an industry standard CAN database file (.DBC).

  • Brake Trigger

  • By using a physical switch on the brake pedal, a precise 'start of braking event' can be captured. This is required to capture true Stopping Distance to the accuracy quoted.

  • Power Supply

  • VBOX IISX can accept a supply voltage between 6 to 30v DC. Low current consumption results in extended battery life.


  • CAN Bus

  • By utilising spare CAN Bus connections VBOX GPS can transmit data while logging readouts from external module inputs.

  • RS232 / USB

  • RS232 connector is used for VBOX configuration and output of real-time GPS data. A USB port is also present giving the same functionality for PC’s with USB sockets.

  • 2 x Digital Outputs

  • One digital output is assigned to speed/distance – configurable via Pulses per Meter. The other is a level switch output enabling users to select any one of the logged channels and assign it a threshold value.

  • 2 x Analogue Outputs

  • Both 16bit analogue outputs can be configured to output velocity (or other GPS parameters) for use by additional data logging equipment. The voltage output range is from 0 to 5v DC with a resolution of 76 μV per bit.

  • SD Card

  • Accepts most types of SD card (NOT SD HC). Data is stored in a standard PC format allowing fast transfer of data to a PC equipped with a SD card reader. The file format is an ASCII text file that can be loaded directly onto VBOX Tools software, or imported into Excel and other third party software.