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VBOX Speed & Route Profiler is a modified OLED display designed to display simple and accurate instructions to a test driver without the need for training or written instructions.

Common applications include fuel economy testing, durability testing, tyre testing, and real world verification.

In conjunction with a VBOX data logger such as VBOX Micro, VBOX IISX or VBOX 3i, the Speed & Route Profiler enables drivers to follow a set route and/or a set speed profile which conform to set speed requirements for accurate vehicle testing.


  • Intuitive operation and easy to set up
  • Inverse screen colours or change font options for use in different light conditions
  • Intuitive three button operation
  • Ability to analyse in VBOX Tools software (included with VBOX)
  • Internal accelerometer: determines orientation and flips display and association of the buttons
  • Compact flash card data logging
  • Automotive testing standard fischer connectors

How does it work?

The Speed & Route Profiler incorporates an OLED display with internal memory connected to a VBOX data logger, for example the VBOX Micro.

The display includes a buzzer and arrow indicators, to direct the driver. The system will alert the driver if they deviate from the specified route (but will not direct them back onto it). It will also warn if the driver deviates from the route’s speed profile.

To set up a route, the ‘master’ driver pushes a button on the display whenever they make a turn. In the Speed Profiler software, on a PC with internet, the master driver can then convert the input points (over a street map) into ‘right turn’, ‘2nd left at roundabout’ etc, and set the distance at which an arrow will appear on the display.

The resultant file is then uploaded onto the Speed Profiler display for the test driver(s). The display instructions help to ensure that no route errors are made whilst the VBOX Micro logs each run.

VBOX Micro