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VBOX Video HD2 is the ultimate in video data logging for those who want to achieve better lap times and greater consistency at the wheel of their race car.

The new system consists of dual 1080p cameras, allowing for a main view with embedded picture-in-picture. The lenses are wide angle, ensuring that every moment of track action is captured in stunning high definition – so analysis in Circuit Tools is even more precise than ever before.Video can be recorded at thirty frames per second to SD card or USB flash drive. 


Real Time Graphics

Graphics are overlaid in real time – also in high definition. With the high resolution afforded by the 1080p output, this gives the user great scope for fantastic dashboard and gauge layouts. The graphics are fully customisable but several default scenes are available.

Make sure to change the settings to 1080p if not set by your browser...

John Bowe - Touring Car Masters 2016, Queensland Race 3. Dual 1080p video superimposed on real-time graphics. Many more options are possible with the overlay than shown here. eg. - lap times, g-force, track position, brake/accel & speed.

VBOX Video HD2 Camera Preview App

If you have an iPhone or Android Phone, you can use our free Preview App to see a live output of your cameras, allowing you to check the alignment of your cameras.