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Video VBOX Waterproof - OVERVIEW

In car camera system designed for open top race cars and any environment which exposes your vehicle to showers.

Housed in a water resistant casing, Video VBOX Waterproof incorporates a flange and mounting holes to allow you to bolt the data logger anywhere on the vehicle. The sturdy aluminium casing is ideal for motorsport applications and racing environments.

Real Time Graphics

Graphics are overlaid in real time – also in high definition. With the high resolution afforded by the 1080p output, this gives the user great scope for fantastic dashboard and gauge layouts. The graphics are fully customisable but several default scenes are available.

Jason Richards - Bathurst 2011. Jason Richards last drive was in the Touring Car Masters at Bathurst.

Many more options are possible with the overlay than shown here. eg. - g-force, brake/accel, speed.