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  • VBOX Australia VBOX Automotive
    We provide a wide range of VBOX data acquisition
    systems used to measure the speed and position
    of a moving vehicle. Common testing applications
    include ADAS validation, brake testing, centre
    line deviation testing, Electronic Stability
    Control (ESC)(FMVSS126)testing, ADAS to 2cm
    separation and many more.
  • VBOX Motorsport VBOX Motorsport
    Some of the biggest gains in motorsport come
    from driver improvement, and our goal is to
    make this process as fun and intuitive as
    possible. The VBOX Motorsport range of in-car
    video and performance meters meets that need.
  • LabSat LabSat
    LabSat is a low cost GPS Simulator (with GLONASS,
    BeiDou, Galileo) which gives you the ability to
    record and replay real GPS RF data, allowing you
    to test almost any GPS device with real world
    signals, from your bench.




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8 Damosh Avenue, CARRUM DOWNS Vic 3201

Tel: +61 (03) 9775 0133

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