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With an update rate of 20 a second, the VBOX IISX features a built-in display, SD card logging, high speed brake trigger input, CAN interface and two sets of analogue and digital outputs. Due to its small size and simple installation, VBOX IISX is ideally suited for use in cars, bikes, off-road vehicles and boats. VBOX IISX GPS data logger gives a high standalone positional accuracy of <1 m, utilising the free WAAS/EGNOS correction service.

Brake & Tyre Testing - Having a maximum update rate of 20 Hz is still plenty fast enough for brake testing. You don’t quite get the phenomenal ±1.8 cm resolution of the VBOX 3i, but for many purposes the ±10 cm achieved is more than adequate. The VBOX IISX has a high speed brake trigger input, which scans for a braking event 100,000 times a second.

Performance Testing - This unit is perfect for all variations of performance testing, the accuracy and quick response of the 20 Hz unit gives very repeatable and accurate results, when tested back to back with the VBOX 3i, they are within a few hundredths of a second every time.

Durability Testing - By turning sample rate down to 5 Hz or 10 Hz this unit becomes ideally suited to long term testing where high speed logging is not required.