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  • auto1 GPS Data Loggers
    VBOX GPS data logging products vary from the
    10Hz VBOX Mini, perfect for simple testing and
    lap timing; through the SX range which brings
    together survey-grade GPS engines and CAN BUS
    logging; to the 100Hz VBOX 3i which is
    available in single and dual antenna variants,
    and which forms the basis of the VBOX ADAS
    testing packages.
  • auto2 ADAS testing
    With real-time measurements of parameters
    from up to three vehicles and at less than
    2cm positional accuracy, the Racelogic VBOX
    ADAS testing system allows developers to
    easily verify the effectiveness of their
  • auto3 Add-on Modules
    The VBOX range of modules allows Analogue,
    frequency, CAN, and thermocouple signals to
    be integrated into GPS data. A combination of
    module channels can be recorded simultaneously.
  • auto3 Displays
    VBOX displays offer a variety of real time
    results feedback and unit setup. The range
    includes a full tablet PC, to LCD multifunction,
    to speed and lap timing units.


  • - CAN/Analogue output for DAQ connection.
  • - 3 sensor variants. 50Nm, 100Nm and 200Nm torque.
  • - Steering Angle resolution 0.1 deg.
  • - Meets ECE R79, ISO 4138 and ISO 7401 test standards.
  • - No interference with vehicle's steering wheel controls
  • - Measures the load applied to the Accelerator, Clutch or Brake pedal.
  • - Low profile design and large contact area.
  • - Measurement range: 0.5 - 150kg (1470.99N).
  • - High overload rpection (150%).
  • - Compliant with SAE J2909, ECE R13-H, ADR 31, ADR 33 and ADR 35.
  • - High accuracy GNSS (25Hz) or GPS/Glonass (100Hz) receiver.
  • - Brake trigger input.
  • - RS232 Serial output of NMEA, position, velocity and time.
  • - User configurable analogue and digital outputs.
  • - CAN Bus output