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  • auto1 GPS Data Loggers
    VBOX GPS data logging products vary from the
    10Hz VBOX Touch, perfect for simple testing
    and lap timing; through the 20Hz 2SX which
    brings together survey-grade GPS engines
    and CAN BUS logging; to the 100Hz VBOX 3i
    which is available in single, dual antenna
    & RTK variants,and which forms the basis
    of the VBOX ADAS testing packages.
  • auto2 ADAS testing
    With real-time measurements of parameters
    from up to three vehicles and at less than
    2cm positional accuracy, the Racelogic VBOX
    ADAS testing system allows developers to
    easily verify the effectiveness of their
  • auto3 Add-on Modules
    The VBOX range of modules allows Analogue,
    frequency, CAN, and thermocouple signals to
    be integrated into GPS data. A combination of
    module channels can be recorded simultaneously.
  • auto3 Displays
    VBOX displays offer a variety of real time
    results feedback and unit setup. The range
    includes a full tablet PC, MFD Touch,
    through to speed and lap timing units.


  • Calibration and conformity checks

  • Having the utmost confidence in the reliability and accuracy of measurement data is crucial when testing or benchmarking vehicles. This is why our VBOX systems go through a rigorous quality and calibration process before they leave our premises.
  • As a UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory, since July 2021, RACELOGIC Ltd. are shipping most VBOX units with an ISO/IEC: 17025:2017 calibration certificate. We are also able to offer ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibrations in-house on customer units. This means a faster turnaround time for you and an assurance that all our calibrations are carried out reliably and accurately. Modules, such as the VBOX IMU04 (Inertial Measurement Unit) can be checked for conformity.
  • Please contact our Support Team to arrange a calibration or conformity check.
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  • Product Upgrades

  • Where possible, we are happy to offer product upgrades to help overcome the challenges you face with increasingly complex test scenarios and ensure your equipment continues to meet your needs. For example, if you purchased your equipment a few years ago for vehicle dynamics testing, but now have a requirement to carry out Autonomous or ADAS testing – it might be possible to upgrade your existing VBOX. Please contact Support to see what options are available for your equipment.
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  • VBOX Support

  • The first call for customers seeking support is the RACELOGIC Support Centre with over 1,000 pages of technical product information available including user manuals, troubleshooting guides and product specs.
  • Please check our Support Centre to find the information you need.
  • Call VBOX Australia if you need assistance.
  • Visit UK Support Centre

  • Product Repairs

  • Our products are rugged, versatile and designed for testing in a wide range of conditions so all VBOX hardware comes with a minimum 1-year warranty.
  • If your device stops working or has been damaged accidentally and is out of warranty, our service technicians can still help you. In some instances, it might not be possible to source components for older products if they are no longer manufactured, however we will always do our best to offer a solution to get you up and running again.
  • Please contact VBOX Australia to arrange a repair.
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  • Module-Product Compatibility Matrix

  • Look up which VBOX products can be combined and which cable you will need to connect them to interfaces such as VBOX modules, displays, power supplies.
  • Check Product Compatibility

  • Cable Drawings

  • These cable drawings are available for most RACELOGIC cables and give you invaluable information on connectors, wiring and cable length.
  • Find Cable Drawing