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  • auto1 GPS Data Loggers
    VBOX GPS data logging products vary from the
    10Hz VBOX Mini, perfect for simple testing and
    lap timing; through the SX range which brings
    together survey-grade GPS engines and CAN BUS
    logging; to the 100Hz VBOX 3i which is
    available in single and dual antenna variants,
    and which forms the basis of the VBOX ADAS
    testing packages.
  • auto2 ADAS testing
    With real-time measurements of parameters
    from up to three vehicles and at less than
    2cm positional accuracy, the Racelogic VBOX
    ADAS testing system allows developers to
    easily verify the effectiveness of their
  • auto3 Add-on Modules
    The VBOX range of modules allows Analogue,
    frequency, CAN, and thermocouple signals to
    be integrated into GPS data. A combination of
    module channels can be recorded simultaneously.
  • auto3 Displays
    VBOX displays offer a variety of real time
    results feedback and unit setup. The range
    includes a full tablet PC, to LCD multifunction,
    to speed and lap timing units.


All VBOX GPS data loggers ship with VBOX Tools, a highly flexible and very powerful software package designed specifically for vehicle testing. We also offer dedicated software solutions for a number of specialised applications such as circuit analysis, aquaplane, coastdown, lane change, and centreline deviation.

  • - Next generation of data analysis software.
  • - Clean layout with the ability to compare sets of data simultaneously using multiple test conditions.
  • - Context sensitive menus.
  • - Map integration.
  • - Windows based analysis package
  • - Easy to setup and use, yet very flexible allowing many custom styles of test to be performed
  • - Post-processing mode or real-time mode.
  • graphs, gauges, numeric displays and test results can be viewed in real-time.
  • - Standalone application specifically designed for Racelogic customers who are performing centreline deviation
  • - Use with VB3i or 100Hz speed sensor.
  • - Verify a vehicle's ability to track in a straight line under the influence of external conditions such as side wind susceptibility, road camber, suspension geometry errors
  • - Free plugin for VBOX Test Suite.
  • - Brake stop testing that conforms to regulations specified in all regions.
  • - Tests can be run within a tightly defined set of criteria, such as between temperature ranges.
  • Centreline deviation is automatically calculated during each run.

VTS Aquaplane Software

aquaplane software

  • - VTS Aquaplane plugins allow the user to easily obtain results for both longitudinal and lateral aquaplane applications.
  • - Simple to operate, whilst still offering maximum flexibility, allowing the user to attain and analyse accurate data.
  • - At the click of a mouse or tap on a screen, the user is able to set the start line, start of bath and end line.
  • - Tests in accordance with EU directive 70/220/EEC – annex III, measuring the effects of wind and road resistance.
  • - The Racelogic Coastdown Software allows you to break the testing down into multiple user definable segments whilst using the full range of results for the test.
  • - Statistical analysis in real-time.
  • - Designed to easily and accurately carry out the ISO 3888-2 'Moose (or Elk) Avoidance Test using a VBOX 3i data logger and IMU.
  • - Set test points from a laptop or Tablet PC in the vehicle.
  • - Graphic representation to show the speeds that have been achieved to help establish test pass or fail.
  • - Batch processing of VBO files.
  • - Export to VBO, CSV, KML
  • - Task specific ADAS plugins for lane departure, vehicle separation, intersection, parking assist and interruption calculations
  • - Fully configurable calculation modes