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The VBOX Tools software is a Windows based analysis package that comes with all data logging enabled VBOXs. VBOX Tools has been designed so it is easy to setup and use, yet very flexible allowing many custom styles of test to be performed, as well as providing templates of common test setups.

The software can be used in post-processing mode or real-time mode. In real-time mode, the VBOX is connected to a PC running VBOX Tools, and graphs, gauges, numeric displays and test results can be viewed in real-time.

In post-processing mode, a '.vbo' file can be taken from a compact flash card and loaded into the software, allowing the user to graph, analyse and replay the data.

  • Easy VBOX and module configurationr
  • Works live and post-processing
  • Create and load circuit maps
  • Video integration with Video VBOX
  • Customisable graphs
  • Maths channel facility