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Educational Facilities and Research Projects....

When many people think of VBOX, there is an automatic association with vehicle manufacturers and motorsport. However, in recent times we are seeing a great uptake of VBOX equipment being used by Education Facilities and Researchers. As we see rapid development in Connected Vehicle Technology, Autonomous Vehicles, Vehicle to Infrastructure communication and reviews of the road network, there is a large amount of research being done by universities and similar organisations. Some recent applications that we have sold systems for include:

  • - Road Infrastructure Surveys

  • - Aging population driver studies

  • - Autonomous vehicle evaluation

  • - ANCAP Test Protocols

  • - Lane Departure Warning validation

  • - Speed sign recognition studies

Education facilities often have unique applications and requirements, and we can tailor packages to accommodate most test applications. We are also able to offer discounts to eligible Education Organisations to assist with furthering this important work. Get in touch to discuss how we might be able to assist your organisation.