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For those who need a high accuracy speed signal to augment an existing testing setup, the VBOX Speed Sensors connect via CAN, digital, or analogue interface to your own data logging equipment at between 5Hz and 100Hz.

All Speed Sensors feature an IP66 billet aluminium enclosure and Deutsch motor sport style connector, and represent the ideal solution for those that require speed, position, braking distance, or acceleration data without the need for internal logging.

With 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz and 100Hz GPS update rate options available, the speed sensor range suits a variety of budgets and requirements.

Units from 10Hz update rate are also compatible with the DGPS Base Station for increased positional accuracy.

If you need to measure speed, position or acceleration, but have no need for internal logging, then the VBOX GPS Speed Sensor range is ideal.

VBOX Speed Sensors are smaller, cheaper and more rugged than the equivalent VBOX range of data loggers, with the same accuracy and quality of signal.

They are designed to integrate directly with your own logging equipment via a CAN or serial interface.

All units are housed in the same small, water resistant package with connections made via a Deutsch motorsport style connector.