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ADAS Multiple Contact Points....

To assist in the testing of ADAS applications such as Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection, it is now possible to ‘map’ the shape of vehicles using a survey pole, antenna, and VBOX File Manager. Up to twenty-four points around the vehicle bodies can be surveyed, and the ‘shape’ of each car can be stored for later use. As the test is conducted, the distance of the closest contact points between the vehicles is calculated to +/-2cm accuracy, automatically switching to the nearest contact points as they change with the car’s relative positions.

This allows for multiple procedures to be completed without having to reconfigure for individual contact points – such as moving from right rear to left rear flank during blind spot testing. This video demonstrates how the system works:

Multiple Static Point for Traffic Sign Recognition

This allows up to 100 roadside targets to be surveyed, creating a GPS map of their locations. Minimum and maximum range and detection angle can be applied to simulate test equipment limitations.

As the vehicle is driven towards them and the targets fall within the detection zone, the range, angle, and time-to-collision parameters of up to five are simultaneously displayed and logged, with further points being tracked as the closer ones are passed. This system is ideal for the development and validation of traffic sign recognition systems, among others.

vbox video hd2