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  • motorsport1 Video Loggers
    Designed for motorsport, track days and vehicle
    testing, Racelogic's Video VBOX combines
    precision with reliability to deliver unrivalled
    driver analysis and vehicle development. With a
    product for every situation – including the new
    1080p VBOX Video HD2 – our data enhanced video
    recorders offer outstanding performance every time.
  • motorsport2 Performance Meters
    Some of the biggest gains in motorsport come
    from driver improvement, and our goal is to
    make this process as fun and intuitive as
    possible. The VBOX Motorsport range of
    Performance Meters & Lap Timers meet that need.
  • motorsport3 Software
    Circuit Tools is a very powerful analysis
    software that comes with all data logging
    enabled VBOXs. The software is designed to
    automate many tasks and quickly present a
    driver with the crucial information required
    to improve lap times.

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