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The VBOX Thermocouple Interface (RLVBTC8-V2) measures 8 thermocouple inputs with 100 samples per second and provides a CAN output as a stand-alone or RACELOGIC based CAN module.

It is primarily designed to connect to a VBOX GPS data logger and allows the user to log thermocouple data along with the normal channels of VBOX data.

The range of the Thermocouple Interface is -269 to +1375 °C. The unit uses a 24 bit ADC.

The Thermocouple Interface works from any power supply from 6V up to 30V.

The unit can be used in stand-alone timed mode or in conjunction with other RACELOGIC modules such as the Analogue Input (ADC03) or Vehicle CAN interface (CAN02).

thermocouple interface module