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VBOX Manager

The Racelogic VBOX Manager is a versatile control unit that has been designed to provide in depth control of the VBOX 3i Dual Antenna setup, VBOX 3i ADAS functions and IMU integration.

The VBOX Manager can also be used to compliment VBOX 3i, VBOX III, and VBOX IISX GPS data logging systems by providing an easy to use graphical interface for control of logging functions.

Housed in a compact enclosure, the VBOX Manager is equipped with a clear graphical LCD display and rotary, push-button controller.


  • Control VBOX 3i Dual Antenna functions
  • Control ADAS functions (VB3iSL, VBOXIII and VB3i only)
  • Enable IMU integration and set antenna offsets and gyro calibration
  • Control logging start/stop
  • Delete unwanted files from the compact flash card
  • Create VBOX data files with descriptive filenames in a logical directory structure
  • Provide full control of VBOX settings, log rate, log mode, DGPS mode etc.
  • Velocity graph mode
  • Correctly format CF cards using VBOX III/ VBOX 3i


The VBOX Manager uses a CAN Bus link to communicate with the VBOX. The connection is normally done between either of the two LEMO sockets on VBOX Manager and the CAN connector on the VBOX.

The VBOX connector marked CAN is the default bus for Racelogic module communication. However, if the VBOX Manager display constantly shows "NO CAN" then check the VBOX CAN setup in case the VBOX has been configured to use the "RS232" connector for Racelogic module communication.

VBOX Manager 1

Display Modes

Display Modes

Graph Mode

VBOX Manager can operate in a graphical display mode where a velocity trace is shown to allow the user to verify the correct speed profile.

Graph Mode