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  • VBOX Video HD2 Full HD in-car system
    Our most sophisticated race car video data
    logger yet, VBOX Video HD2 features 1080p
    video, real-time synchronised video/data
    with graphical overlay, Bluetooth and
    WiFi connectivity.
  • VBOX Video HD2 VBOX Video HD2
    The internal 10 Hz GPS engine recognises the
    race track you are driving and
    configures the track map and lap timing.
  • VBOX Video HD2 A host of features
    Automatic recording, a pre-record buffer and
    internal power backup ensure that you capture
    absolutely all of the race action.

VBOX Video HD2 and Accessories

International customers go HERE

Pre-loved VBOX product go HERE

VBOX Video HD2...

HD2 is impacted by Global shortages. Check with us for stock levels

The ultimate in in car video systems. 1080p, WiFi preview and Bluetooth remote logging switch (option).

VBOX Video HD2

GPS/Glonass Antenna....

RLACS262 VBOX Video HD2/Pro/Touch

GPS Glonass Antenna
GPS Antenna - HD2/Pro/Touch

VBOX Video HD2 camera...

RLACS222 VBOX Video HD2 1080p camera.

VBOX Video HD2 camera

VBOX Video HD2 Bluetooth Start/Stop switch...

Allows for bluetooth connection (2m) to give wireless start/stop logging function. Has a bright LED to indicate recording.

RLACS224 - VOBX Video HD2

HD2 Bluetooth
1080p camera - HD2
Bluetooth Logging Switch - HD2

Cigar socket Power Supply...

RLCAB010LE VBOX Video HD2/Pro/Lap Timer/Pit Lane Timer/Touch

VBOX power supply

USB Logging Cable for Video VBOX...

RLCAB073L - VBOX Video HD2/Pro

Allows logging direct to a USB Memory stick or formatted SSD

VBOX USB logging cable
Power Cable
USB Logging cable - HD2/Pro/Touch

OBDII CAN Cable...

RLCAB069L - VBOX Video HD2/Pro/Touch


Clip on CAN Interface...

The RLACS182 Clip on CAN Bus Interface for Video VBOX will fit all vehicles which utilise CAN Bus. The cable can be installed and removed quickly and easily. There is no need to make a 'bare-wire' connection to the CAN High and CAN Low wires.

Clip on CAN interface
OBD-II CAN Cable - HD2/Pro
CAN Clip - HD2/Pro/Touch

CAN Cable - Unterminated...

Allows for bare wire connection to the CAN High and CAN Low wires in a vehicle's wiring loom. Blue Wire = CAN High, White Wire = CAN Low

RLCAB015L - VBOX Video HD2/Pro/Touch

CAN cable

Unterminated Power Cable...

Unterminated power supply cable for direct connection to a 12v source. Note: Must be fused (3AMP).

RLCAB014LE - VBOX Video HD2/Pro/Lap Timer/Pit Lane Timer/Touch

VBOX power cable
CAN Cable - Unterminated - HD2/Pro/Touch
Power Cable - Unterminated - HD2/Pro/Touch

VBOX Roll Cage Camera Mount - LONG...

All alloy cage mount kit complete with clamp. As used in Carrera Cup

Note: Swivel mount supplied separately.



VBOX Roll Cage Camera Mount - SHORT...

All alloy cage mount kit complete with clamp. As used in Carrera Cup

Note: Swivel mount supplied seaprately.


Roll Cage Kit - Long
Roll Cage Kit - Short

Roll Cage Camera Mount Kit - RAM...

3 arm lengths, 2", 3.5", 6"

RAM Mount

CAN Splitter Cable...

Required if using the HD2 with BOTH OLED and Vehicle CAN

RLCAB081 - VBOX Video HD2/Pro

Roll Cage Kit - RAM
CAN Splitter Cable - HD2/Pro

Tyre Temperature Monitoring Kit...

Measures the highly transient surface temperature of a tyre

2 field of view kits avaialable. 60 deg and 120 deg


Wired logging switch...

Wired remote start/stop USB logging switch for VBOX Video HD2.


Tyre Temp Monitoring Kit - HD2
Remote Logging Switch - Wired - HD2

Mono Microphone...

RLACS221 - VBOX Video HD2

Audio Splitter...

Used when Intercom or radio is integrated into video., Requires RCA type microphone RLACS133 and adapter Intercom adaptor cable

RLCAB132 - VBOX Video HD2

Mono Microphone - HD2
Audio Splitter - HD2

Mono Microphone for Splitter RLCAB132...

Used with Audio Splitter RLCAB132 when using intercom or radio in the audio stream.

RLACS133 - VBOX Video HD2

Micro Input Module...

- Four analogue inputs

- RPM (Frequency) Input



Micro Input Module
Mono Microphone - VBOX
Module Options

VBOX Video HD2 Mounting Cradle...

Allows for secure bulkhead or roll cage mounting of your HD2. Cage mount adapter can be purchased separately. Give us a call.


HD2 cradle

OBD Bluetooth Dongle...

- 11 OBD channels (subject to vehicle avaialability)

RLACS238 - VBOX Video HD2 only

OBD Bluetooth Dongle - HD2