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  • Performance Box Touch PB Touch..
    The NEW Performance Box Touch is a GPS
    based performance meter that allows you
    to measure G-forces,speed, lap & split
    times, 0-60,0-100, braking distance
    and much more......
  • VBOX Motorsport VBOX Motorsport...
    A range of Motorsport solutions
    to suit every budget....
  • VBOX Video HD2 VBOX Video HD2..
    Automatic recording, a pre-record buffer and
    internal power backup ensure that you capture
    absolutely all of the race action.

Performance Box Touch and DriftBox

International customers go HERE

Pre-loved VBOX product go HERE

Performance Box Touch...

Performance Box Touch is a GPS based Performance meter for measuring your vehicle's speed, g-force and handling and helps you improve your track driving skills.


The DriftBox is the first vehicle performance meter with the ability to measure drift angle.

(2 week delivery time)

Performance Box Touch
DriftBox Options

External GPS Antenna

RLACS284 Lap Timer, PB Touch, Pit Lane Timer

Cigar socket Power Supply...


VBOX power supply
Antenna Options
Power Cable - PB/DB

Performance Box Touch battery...


PerformanceBox/Driftbox Mounting cradle...

RLACS071 Windscreen mounting bracket

Mounting cradle
RLACS290 Battery
RLACS071 Cradle

Performance Box Touch Suction Mount...

RLACS277 - Mount

Micro Input Module...

- Four analogue inputs

- RPM (Frequency) Input


Micro Input Module
Swivel Neck Suction Mount
Micro Input Module - PB/DB

External GPS Antenna...

RLACS070 Video VBOX Lite, PB/DB, Lap Timer, Pit Lane Timer

VBOX Antenna
Antenna Options

PerformanceBox/Driftbox Suction cups...

DBSuctioncups - Set of 3

Suction cups