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  • VBOX Sport VBOX Sport...
    A lightweight, portable data logger that
    can be used in any vehicle and environment
    to measure performance or lap times.
    with graphical overlay, Bluetooth and
    WiFi connectivity.
  • VBOX Range VBOX Sport...
    The VBOX Sport can be used as a
    stand-alone logger or connected
    to an iOS device via Bluetooth.
  • VBOX Motorsport...
    A range of products for all Motorsport budgets.

VBOX Sport and Accessories

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VBOX Sport...

VBOX Sport allows you to instantly analyse your driving performance, giving you immediate access to the data you need to go faster.

VBOX Sport

Mount for VBOX Sport...

RLACS186 Herbert Richter Suction Mount

RLACS185 Handlebar Mount

VBOX Sport suction mount
Mount Options

External GPS Antenna...


VBOX Antenna
Antenna Options