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Circuit Tools* is designed by racing drivers for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with data analysis software.

video vbox lite

Circuit Tools for MAC

Circuit Tools macOS is very powerful analysis software that allows you to examine you track performance on your MacBook or iMac. Analysis of every brake or turn-in point is easily achieved using the simple yet dynamic interface.

Lap Times

Your Fastest Lap number is highlighted automatically in Green, whilst the fastest times from each section are shown at the base of the table indicating your ‘Ideal’ lap time.

circuit tools lap times

Graph Data

The graph allows channel data for the selected laps to be compared. A coloured bar at the top of the graph shows where each split is in relation to the graph data.

circuit tools graph data


A video for the selected laps are shown. The faster lap has a Green border.

circuit tools video analysis


The Map pane shows both the circuit layout and the line taken in the selected laps. In the macOS version each split is designated a colour making it easier to reference the data within the graph.

circuit tools map

Circuit Tools for iOS

Circuit Tools iOS is very powerful analysis software that allows you to examine your track performance in great detail from your iPad or iPhone. The software is designed for racing drivers by racing drivers, automating many tasks and quickly presenting you with the crucial information needed to improve lap times.

circuit tools map