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VBOX Test Suite comes pre-loaded with plugins ready to use in a variaty of applications, with additional test plugins added as they are developed. These allow for a targeted, specific approach that allows for tests to be set up and handed over to a driver to complete.

Click on the relevant links below to find out more about specific test plugins.

vbox test suite Performance Test

  • Acceleration test
  • Decelleration test
  • Lane change

vbox test suite Tyre

  • Tyre Traction
  • Lateral Aquaplane
  • Longitudinal Aquaplane

vbox test suite Brake Test

  • Trigger
  • Speed
  • J2909
  • R78 Motorcycle Braking

vbox test suite Coastdown

  • WLTP GTR15
  • SAE J2263
  • ABNT 10312

vbox test suite Pass-by Noise

  • R41 Motorcycles
  • R51 Motor Vehicles
  • R138 Electric Vehicles
  • R117 Tyre Noise
  • EPA Motorcycles

vbox test suite ADAS

  • Euro NCAP CCRs
  • Euro NCAP CCRm
  • Euro NCAP CCRb
  • Park Assist
  • UNR79 Max Lat. Acc.
  • UNR79 Lane Keeping
  • UNR79 CSF