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Most braking departments around the world use the VB3i 100Hz GPS logger for measurement of braking distance, with the addition of an IMU04 system to counteract the lever arm effect for speed triggered measurements, or in areas of low GPS visibility.

The cost effective 20Hz VBOX IISX GPS data logger can also be used for braking measurements (Accuracies: VBOX 3i ±1.8cm, VBOX IISX ±10cm).

Do you need a complete brake test package?

The Racelogic VBOX and VBOX Tools software provides the ideal solution. VBOX Australia can also provide complete ready to go systems including the VBOX, Load cell, strain gauge amplifier and pressure transducer all calibrated and ready to use. We can also provide our "stacker" housing, The housing provides a secure and portable tower for the VBOX components to be mounted in without having them floating around the motor vehicle and provides an ideal platform for mounting on a motorcycle.

What equipment do I need?

A typical VBOX setup for measuring Braking distance from a trigger is:

1) - VBOX3i (IMU04 ready)

The 100Hz data logger has the ability to utilise data from a RACELOGIC IMU to improve all parameters measured in real-time - improving accuracy and noise levels, and enhancing the dynamic response to velocity.

IMU integration also combats satellite drop-out for up to 10 seconds without lock.


Alternatively, a VBOX IISX can also be used.

2) - Brake Trigger

A Brake Trigger provides precise measurement of brake pedal application during VBOX brake stop tests

The frequency at which the trigger event is recorded is dependent on the model of VBOX in use.

There are 2 options that will meet Statutory Requirements.

- Brake Pedal Trigger.

- Brake Trigger Interface.

brake trigger

3) - Load Cell/s

For vehicle testing a single load cell is required which is mounted to the brake pedal.

In the case of Motorcycle testing 2 load cells are required, one for Foot (usually 1000N) and one for Hand (usually 500N).

Load Cell

4) - Strain Gauge Amplifier

VBOX Australia can provide a fully calibrated load cell and Strain Gaugue amplifier to complement the VBOX system.

Strain Gauge Amplifier