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VBOX Australia is a proud distributor of the Racelogic award winning VBOX Automotive, Motorsport and LabSat GNSS products.

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VBOX Australia offers a wide range of the award winning Racelogic VBOX data acquisition products like our ADAS test systems, VBOX 3i data loggers, VBOX Speed Sensors and modules. See the full vehicle testing range here.

Here at VBOX Australia we believe that some of the biggest performance gains can come from driver improvement, and our goal is to make this process as fun and intuitive as possible; removing all of the complexity whilst remaining affordable for all levels of motorsport. Whether it be a VBOX video HD2 or a VBOX Sport the VBOX Motorsport range of in car video and performance loggers meets that need.

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The Racelogic LabSat 3 is a lightweight, portable, standalone system for GNSS testing. Contact VBOX Australia for all your GNSS testing needs.

VBOX Video HD2 Launched......

New data analysis software VBOX Test Suite

Comparing Park Assist Systems with VBOX Test Equipment.

- Multiple Contact Points in ADAS Testing.




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