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VBOX 3i Dual Antenna - OVERVIEW

Slip Angle measurement has never been as accurate!

With IMU integration, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, compact flash card logging and audio functionality for voice tagging, the VBOX 3i represents a flexible solution to a range of testing requirements.

By using two GPS + GLONASS engines configured in a 'Fixed Baseline RTK setup', VBOX 3i Dual Antenna (VB3iSL) combines high level accuracy and test repeatability with the ability to measure slip and pitch/roll angles at 100Hz. The system is so accurate that it can even detect the difference a side wind makes to the slip angle measurement, a feat that even the very best inertial systems cannot currently replicate. Watch a demo video here.

Higher accuracy with GPS and GLONASS

In addition to GPS, the VB3i Dual Antenna tracks the Russian GLONASS range of satellites. The advantage of using both satellite constellations is that there are almost twice as many satellites in view, helping to maintain a robust satellite connection and increasing the accuracy of the system. More about GPS accuracy.

Slip and Pitch/Roll measurement using two antennas

Utilising two GPS/GLONASS antennas, the VB3iSL measures all of the normal VBOX GPS parameters, plus the azimuth and elevation between the antennas, i.e. the direction the antennas are pointing, and the angle between them measured from the horizontal. This allows the unit to measure slip angle, and also pitch angle (or roll angle depending on how the antennas are mounted), all at 100Hz. This system is ideal for vehicle dynamics testing.


Package Contents

The VBOX 3i Dual Antenna comes with a VBOX Manager, a display enabling you to change the dynamic modes and filter settings, show real time graphs of speed against time, set up slip angle data and calculate antenna locations. A Dual Antenna Mounting Pole (max. width 2.5m) ensures the most accurate attitude measurement.