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VBOX Mining Solutions - SOFTWARE


A suite of tests to make analysis quick and easy

  • VBOX Test Suite is a software package with purpose-built plugins
  • Plugins are application-specific functions most useful for repeatable studies
  • Mining plugins are continuously in development
  • Custom plugins are available for development upon request

TKPH Plug-in

Select the most appropriate tyre for site operations

VBOX Mining

VBOX systems use GPS data to measure:

  • Measure operational site TKPH against rated tyre TKPH
  • Compare cycle TKPH between multiple circuits
  • TKPH corrections applied from tyre manufacturer specifications
  • Also supports TMPH calculations
  • TKPH Plug-in user guide here.

Driver Analysis Plugins - Coming soon

Analyse driver performance like other VBOX users

VBOX Test Suite

VBOX systems use GPS data to measure:

  • Corner Analysis
  • Utilisation Analysis
  • Load/Dump Approach Analysis
  • Loader Tyre Analysis
  • Time-and-Motion Analysis
  • Variance Analysis