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VBOX 3i RTK - Features

The VBOX 3i Dual Antenna RTK is our top of the range GPS data logger:

  • Better than 2cm positional accuracy with an RTK Base Station (optional)
  • 2cm vehicle separation accuracy when used as part of a Moving Base setup
  • Measures slip angle, pitch (or roll) angle and yaw rate at 100Hz
  • Twice as many satellites tracked using GPS + GLONASS
  • Very low latency: 8.5 ±1.5 mS
  • 4 x 24bit differential analogue input channels with ±50v input range and synchronous capture
  • Oversampled brake/event trigger input (25nS accuracy)

VBOX 3i can be combined with a wide range of VBOX modules, telemetry systems and displays.