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VBOX 3i RTK - Parameters

VBOX 3i measures the following parameters as standard, at 100 samples per second, and purely from GPS/GLONASS:

  • Time
  • Position
  • Velocity
  • Vertical Velocity
  • Longitudinal Velocity
  • Lateral Velocity
  • Height
  • Heading
  • True Heading
  • Lateral Acceleration
  • Longitudinal Acceleration
  • Distance between 2 cars (ADAS)
  • Centreline Deviation
  • Slip angle
  • Pitch or Roll angle, depending on antenna orientation on vehice.
  • Yaw Rate
  • Radius of turn

By adding a RACELOGIC RACELOGIC Inertial measurement Unit (IMU), the additional benifits can be...

  • Logging pitch and roll angle in real time
  • Improved yaw rate and slip angle measurement
  • Resilience against GPS dropouts

Many other external parameters can be logged either:

  • by using the four high resolution analogue inputs built into the unit (500Hz log rate)
  • from a number of versatile VBOX Input Modules
  • directly from the CAN bus of the vehicle using the RACELOGIC Vehicle CAN Database.