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VBOX 3i RTK / ADAS Testing - Overview

The VBOX 3i Dual Antenna RTK (VB3iSLR) is an RTK enabled version of the VBOX 3i Dual Antenna (VB3iSL) which can be used in conjunction with an RTK differential Base Station to obtain centimeter level positioning accuracy combined with all of the advantages of a twin antenna GPS setup with GLONASS satellite tracking.

This is our top-of-the-range VBOX data logger and can be used in any number of vehicle tests where positional accuracy and repeatability are of the utmost importance.

2cm Positional Accuracy


For tests where positional accuracy is of key importance, like Lane Departure testing, distance to a fixed object, or precise mapping, the VB3iSLR offers industry-leading 2cm positional accuracy, in real time, at 100Hz!

VBOX Dual Antenna RTK is the key component of the Racelogic ADAS Testing systems for measuring vehicle separation, time to collision, position within a lane, and more to 2cm precision.

Slip and Pitch/Roll measurement using two antennas

Utilising two GPS/GLONASS antennas, the VBOX 3i RTK measures all of the normal VBOX GPS parameters, plus the azimuth and elevation between the antennas, i.e. the direction the antennas are pointing, and the angle between them measured from the horizontal. This allows the unit to measure slip angle, and also pitch angle (or roll angle depending on how the antennas are mounted), all at 100Hz.

Both the VBOX and the Base Station track the Russian GLONASS range of navigation satellites as well as the normal GPS constellation, using almost twice as many measurements for accurate results and reception in areas of poor satellite visibility. Read more on VBOX GPS accuracy.


The VBOX 3i Dual Antenna comes with a VBOX Manager, a display enabling you to change the dynamic modes and filter settings, show real time graphs of speed against time, set up slip angle data and calculate antenna locations. A Dual Antenna Mounting Pole (max. width 2.5m) ensures the most accurate attitude measurement.