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VBOX 3i uses a powerful GPS/GLONASS receiver logging data 100 times a second to achieve high level accuracy. With IMU integration, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, compact flash card logging and audio functionality for voice tagging, the VBOX 3i represents a flexible solution to a range of testing requirements.

IMU Integration

VBOX 3i has the ability to utilise data from a RACELOGIC IMU and uses a Kalman Filter to improve all parameters measured in real-time. IMU integration ensures accurate test results in areas of unreliable satellite reception, typically caused by trees, buildings and bridges.

The vehicle's body angles are also measured to a high accuracy without the need to use a dual antenna system. Dynamic overshoot is eliminated through lever arm correction.


Velocity and heading data are calculated from Doppler Shift in the GPS carrier signal, providing users with unparalleled accuracy. For example, over 10 tests between two light barriers placed exactly 1000m apart, the VBOX will report a distance within ±2-3cm, on every test, and the average comes out to within less than 1cm. Impressive for a device using satellites 18,000kms away!

Brake distance accuracy is equally impressive, using a brake pedal mounted trigger input, VBOX 3i will measure the braking distance to within ±1.8cm for a typical 100-0kph brake stop. More about GPS accuracy.

VBOX 3i comes in three versions, single antenna, dual antenna and (dual antenna) RTK. In conjunction with a DGPS Base Station (Option 1) VBOX 3i Single Antenna can achieve a positional accuracy of 80cm.